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 How can I get alerted to the latest deals?

A: You can sign up for our mailing list here. Check your email to confirm that you want to opt into receiving deals from maryjanedeals.io. Once confirmed, you will receive the latest deals every Tuesday and Friday at 4:20.

Q: What if I don't want to wait to find out about the latest deals?

A: You can visit maryjanedeals.io anytime to see the latest deals. You can also search for deals here.

Q: What if I no longer wish to receive deals via email?

A: You can opt-out/remove yourself from our mailing list using the unsubscribe link we provide at the bottom of each email you receive from us. 

Q: What is the best way to find a deal in my neighborhood?

A: You can sort deals by location using location button found in the Fresh Deals section of the home page. You can also search for deals in your city using the "Location" drop-down menu in the Find Deals section. You can even search for deals using the map. 

Q: How can I share a deal with my friends on social media?

A: You will find the ability to easily share a deal on over 195 social media outlets in the "Deal Details" section of any deal. Once you land on a specific deal page, you will find the "Deal Details" can be found just below the map in the "Location" section.


Q: Why I should partner with maryjanedeals.io?

A: Too many reasons to list. Discover how the mary jane deals website, social power, and street team can grow your business here

Q: How much does it cost to post deals from my dispensary?

A: There are three packages for you to choose from. Pricing for all three packages can be found here.

Q: Do I need to buy a package to create an account for my dispensary?

A: No. You can create an account for free. Your free account allows you to save your favorite deals, rate the best deals, leave reviews and more. 

Q: How will investing in one of your deals packages grow my business?

A: In addition to getting your deals on our website of serious cannabis buyers in Washington, you also get:

    - More visitors to your website and your dispensary
    - More positive online reviews on sites like Yelp, with “real” in-person reviews from local customers 
    - Your deals go directly to our email subscribers and our thousands of social subscribers and followers

Q: Will I get any data, analytics or feedback to prove this is a good investment?

A: You will receive a free Report Card that shows you how to stack up to the competition and where you specifically need to improve. 

Q: WCan you walk us through the three package and answer my questions before I invest?

A: Absolutely. We are huge cannabis activists working to make our great state of Washington as green as possible. We're happy to sit down with you in person or online to show you why we love what we do. And, we'll walk you through many ways your dispensary can profit from that love. Contact us and we'll set something up!

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